Packing Data 

Christy and callers come out of the cave to work on how to store their data.

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  1. Robert and making folders. Sometimes it is less painful just to reinstall Windows. Robert got an SSD to make the reinstall worthwhile.
  2. Steven has an SSD that is filling up and needs to move his user libraries to his larger spinning Hard Drive.


“Maze of Twisty Little Passages, All Alike”

“I Died in St. Louis” 

“A Lot of Horn Tooting for Not A Lot of Parade”

“You Don’t Know Where It’s Been” 





Insider Channel

Windows Pro users can get features before they are Generally Available by being a Windows “Insider” with the options of Dev, Beta, or Release Preview.


One way to create a new folder on your desktop in Windows.

User Profile

Collection of settings and information associated with a user. Desktop settings, passwords, along with preferences are stored for each user.


Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology reveals the health of the hard drive.

Wipe and Reload

Removing all the programs, data, passwords, etc and set the system back to factory fresh blank OS status. Backup anything you want to save!


Solid State Drive. A storage medium that replaces spinning disk Hard Drives with faster memory based storage without moving parts.


Global Unique Identifier, also UUID Universally Unique Identifier. Use to label database keys, filenames, or resources.

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Keeping on Top of Scams

Christy and callers battle tech scams, buried windows, and wet iPhones. Call us! 775-241-3571

  1. Robert and keeping windows tip top.
  2. Rachel and the wet iPhone. Rachel used the product link at left for Silica Gel.
  3. Jamye deals with scam callers. (No, you DIDN’T win a prize. Don’t give out information to ANYONE who calls you.)


“They Spend Their Whole Day Figuring Out How To Scam You. We Have Other Things To Do.”

“If You Follow the Star…Your Dreams Will Not Come True” 

“We Battle the Tech Better When We Battle Together” “






Store or accessed via the internet on someone else’s computer (Amazon, Google, Microsoft)


Plain Old Telephone Service. Voice service over copper phone lines; a dial tone.

4×3 vs. 16×9

Squarish monitors verses rectangular monitor


Trusted Program Module. A dedicated memory section that stores the security cryptographic keys that makes Secure Boot possible. This prevents malware from sneaking in before the Operating System fully loads.

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Tuesdays 8 PM Pacific 95.1 FM

Streaming LIVE and on-demand at KNVC.ORG