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BBT from 2020

Has High Quality Stereo Recordings 

Breakmaster Cylinder composed and performs our theme music.

 Resolving 11

Christy has tries to say thunderbolt. 

Joe warns of Apple bricking laptop from Monterey upgrade and Apple iPhone 13 screen cannot be replaced fully by non-Apple repair shops.

Call anytime! 775-241-3571 and set up a time to battle your tech!

  1. Jim sees in a mirror dimly when face to face with student.
  2. Elaine’s iPad has a tired battery but lots of pictures

“Assigned TECH at Birth” 

“‘As the Resolution Goes Down the Fuzziness Goes Up”

“Take It To The Great Recycler ” 

“Fire, Explosions, and Things”

“At Least You Have Some Clarity” 

“Keep Those Mice Rolling”






Turning a device into a unworkable mass of electronics. 

Extended vs. Mirror

When two or more displays either have the same display (mirror) or parts of a large display area. (extended).

Native Resolution

The resolution setting that best fits the monitor. 

Network Security Key


Often called your WiFi password



Epoch Time Converter

Tuesdays 8 PM Pacific 95.1 FM

Streaming LIVE and on-demand at KNVC.ORG



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