I Had A Hat

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about how not to work all the time at home during these pandemic homebound times and how to find out why there is no sound in your All in One.


  1. Robert calls about living at work instead of working at home.
  2. Michelle calls in with audio issues. The many audio settings for volume on an All in One are reviewed.


“There’s Always A Mute” – Christy

“I Had A Hat” – Joe




Side Loading

Getting an App that isn’t in the Google Play Store or Apple Store


Defeating the built in security on an Apple (or other) phone.


Android application package – a file containing an Android app.

Developer Mode

A built-in setting to jailbreak your Android phones

Cracked Apps

PWMPC* offer apps with security or payment or password requirements removed. 

*People Who Make Poor Choices



Tuesdays 8 PM Pacific 95.1 FM



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