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BBT from 2020

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Breakmaster Cylinder composed and performs our theme music.

Repairing SPAM with a Boot or Two 

Christy and callers Barb, Elaine, and JD call with their tech troubles.

Call anytime! 775-241-3571


  1. Barb gets a crash course in troubleshooting after her Microsoft Office crashes.  
  2. Elaine has emails going to SPAM that are actually wanted emails!
  3. JD calls about the advantages of Linux.


“Is it something it is doing or something it is not doing?”

“Something Went Wrong” 

“Right in the Middle of All The Craziness”

“Linux…It Just Does It” 





Windows 10
End of Life

Windows 10 is supported until October 14, 2025, as long as Windows 10 is kept updated along the way.


Unwanted email is called SPAM after a Monty Python Skit and song in a diner where the SPAM never stops.

Dual Boot

Having two operating systems on one computer. User can choose which operating system (i.e. Linux Mint or Windows 10) when the computer starts (boots)

Epoch Time Converter

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BBT from 2020

Cause of  Money

Christy, Joe, and callers search for an engine, format some photos, make many  emails 


  1. Joan searches through options in Microsoft Edge.
  2. Veronica struggles with HEIC photo formats with non-iPhone people
  3. Veronica is back with BCC emails


“I Hate Bing…I Don’t Know Why, I Just Do” – Joan

“As Always You Solved My Problem” – Joan





Two Factor Authentication requires two ways of proving you are who you type you are. Not TFA. Thanks to Friend of the Show Anthony


Fancy name for the area in the web browser that user can enter web page addresses or search terms. (not “bar”)

Trusted Installer

An alias for Microsoft installed and controlled system applications.


A now retired way of making animated games, ads, and security holes!


Apple uses High Efficiency Image format for photos (instead of High Compatibility JPG)


Fraudulent email that is targeted to specific company or group of people to get information or funds

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