Managing WordPress 

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about WordPress, AOL, and poetry!


  1. Steve how to get updated posts on WordPress to the top of his site.
  2. Mary tries to get AOL web pages to behave
  3. BBT is Luke’s only hope to find an old website.
  4. Poet J. Paul Horgan shares “Online All The Time”



“Like a Crazy Person…Click Everything You See.” 

“Be Somewhere in the Vicinity of Your Computer” 

“Didn’t You Call in June?” 





Content Management System is a database of text, images, music, video, and other files and the information on how to mix them to present them on a website.


Hosted Services are installed, secured, maintained and updated by a third party service provider instead of the user and creator of the site’s content.


Non Fungible Token One of a kind  authenticated entry recorded on a blockchain pointing to a specific artwork or digital item. 


A secure open digital ledger tracking transactions of digital and physical items.

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Joe Talks About the Hora in Star Trek

Don’t shoot – The mind meld scene is age restricted and can only be shown on YouTube.