Managing WordPress 

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about WordPress, AOL, and poetry!


  1. Steve how to get updated posts on WordPress to the top of his site.
  2. Mary tries to get AOL web pages to behave
  3. BBT is Luke’s only hope to find an old website.
  4. Poet J. Paul Horgan shares “Online All The Time”



“Like a Crazy Person…Click Everything You See.” 

“Be Somewhere in the Vicinity of Your Computer” 

“Didn’t You Call in June?” 





Content Management System is a database of text, images, music, video, and other files and the information on how to mix them to present them on a website.


Hosted Services are installed, secured, maintained and updated by a third party service provider instead of the user and creator of the site’s content.


Non Fungible Token One of a kind  authenticated entry recorded on a blockchain pointing to a specific artwork or digital item. 


A secure open digital ledger tracking transactions of digital and physical items.

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Joe Talks About the Hora in Star Trek

Don’t shoot – The mind meld scene is age restricted and can only be shown on YouTube.

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BBT from 2020

Finding Cards, Cursors, Malware, and Obi-Wan 

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about SDs and SIMs cards


  1. Rachel talks to a confused Christy about SDs and SIMs cards in tablets (and phones!)
  2. Sue and extended video display (on a second big screen) with a Mac OS. Mirror and Extended modes along with keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Vern wonders about add-on Anti-Virus for Windows



“Once They Go Screen; They Never Go Back” 

“Whatever They Are Calling It This Month” 




 SD Card

Data storage media about the size of your fingernail.

SIM Card

Data identification card the size of your fingernail that identifies your device to the cellar data or phone provider for billing and service.

Telnet Star Wars

Watch an version of the full Star Wars Episode IV movie that only uses typeable letters, digits, and symbols with the command:



American Standard Code for Information Interchange defines numeric representation to letters, digits, symbols, and commands for computer processing.

Confidence Screen

A projection screen in the presenter’s view that displays what the audience is seeing.

Zip Files

A single file that contains one or more files compressed and sometimes password protected

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Renaming, Reseting and Resoluting

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about Microsoft’s name calling, preparing for the resurrection of a tablet for its 3rd life, resolving display issues.


  1. Michelle can’t find .JPGs.
  2. Rachel calls about resetting a tablet. (see notes)
  3. Joan calls about screen resolutions vs. magnified display settings

Note 1: Remember the SD card on a table or phone might have data to remove or erase. Also the SIM card will carry mobile data info on it. So cancel the account.

Note 2: You can only CREATE up to 3 new Apple IDs on your iOS device. You can ADD as many existing IDs as you want. You can create another new Apple ID online



“Two Headlights Coming At You” 

“Do You Have Internet? Do I Need It? No.” 





A warning that something is wrong. Thinkst has Canaries for IT. The term is from mining days.


Late to the Party is a plea to catch up on some topic or news story. Related LI5 explain to me like I’m five years old. 


Is the width and height of a screen expressed in pixels (not inches) or how many points of light there are along each dimension. Viewsonic has more than you want to know.

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BBT from 2020

Reviewing and Viewing

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about out of office email, and document cameras on Zoom!

  1. Adrianne works on getting her office email at home.
  2. Sue calls about a document camera options for Zoom and screen protection. Listen to the warnings about Amazon reviews before this call.



“Out of the Studio and On The Phone’” 

“Advice Best If Used By End of Week” 

“Time, Talent, Treasure whichever you want to spend” 

“Is It Snowing in Space?” – Groundhog Day





A browser based way to read and send email. Most emails providers have this option. Gmail is an example.


The one line window at the top of a browser where URL (website addresses) are typed. Can also be used for searches. 

Sock Puppet

A web user that is not connected uniquely to a single human person but poses as one. One person might have many accounts under different names posting reviews, etc.

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