Renaming, Reseting and Resoluting

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about Microsoft’s name calling, preparing for the resurrection of a tablet for its 3rd life, resolving display issues.


  1. Michelle can’t find .JPGs.
  2. Rachel calls about resetting a tablet. (see notes)
  3. Joan calls about screen resolutions vs. magnified display settings

Note 1: Remember the SD card on a table or phone might have data to remove or erase. Also the SIM card will carry mobile data info on it. So cancel the account.

Note 2: You can only CREATE up to 3 new Apple IDs on your iOS device. You can ADD as many existing IDs as you want. You can create another new Apple ID online



“Two Headlights Coming At You” 

“Do You Have Internet? Do I Need It? No.” 





A warning that something is wrong. Thinkst has Canaries for IT. The term is from mining days.


Late to the Party is a plea to catch up on some topic or news story. Related LI5 explain to me like I’m five years old. 


Is the width and height of a screen expressed in pixels (not inches) or how many points of light there are along each dimension. Viewsonic has more than you want to know.

Epoch Time Converter

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