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BBT from 2020

Brightly Lit Places on the Internet

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about legit text codes (2FA), USB condoms, Section 230, 


  1. Vern and whether or not to follow instructs from a text.
  2. Ron calls about email challenges with forwarding email Office 365


“The Tyranny of the Default” – Steve Gibson on Security Now! podcast

“For Rachel-It’s Speed Dial One” – Christy

“Double Double Check” – Christy 

“Joe is Not A Fan” – Christy




Client / Server

Famously the web, where a user (client) seeks services or information from another computer (server)

Slide Load

Download apps to phones and computers from unofficial sources.


Virtual Private Network: encoding your communication when using the internet 


(not TFA) Requiring two factors (i.e. phone text & typed password) to authenticate to log in to a service.


People Who Make Poor Choices sometimes called evildoers.

Juice Jacking

Malware for USB charging station

Data Blocker

A USB “condom” that keeps data from your USB devices when charging.



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