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BBT from 2020

Has High Quality Recordings of Our Shows

Breakmaster Cylinder composed and performs our theme music.

Jim, Joe, and my other Caller Joe  

Christy and Joe welcome callers Joe, another Joe, and Jim.

Call anytime! 775-241-3571 and set up a time to battle your tech!

  1. Joe and QuickBooks to move.
  2. Joe and a right sized SSD 
  3. Jim and Streaming the Bandwidth

“Pay Attention to Where the Data Goes”

“No Defrag on a SSD” 

“VPN is an old time chauffer driven vehicle. You see someone is going down the road, but you don’t know who is in the box”

“Work for a more reasonable person with a better Internet connection” 

“VPN is an old-time open-air chauffer driven vehicle. You see the chauffer going down the road, but you don’t know who is in the box”

“Very Thorough and Very Helpful” 






Solid State Drive is a storage medium with no moving parts . 

Wear Leveling

Moving data from overly used sections of the SSD to reserved fresh sections. 

Virtual Drive & Cache

Using memory as a storage place. Older systems were called Swap Drives.


Torrent is a method of moving large files efficiently over the internet from several upload nodes.

Epoch Time Converter

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