Memory Leaks Make Our Eyes Leak and Our Show Late

Christy, Joe, and has calls from Tom and Mary this week and talk about mapping and remote desktop solutions (to control a computer from another location.)


  1. Tom asks about an unscheduled schedule change at KNVC
  2. Mary calls about permissions MAC OS needs to share a screen on ZOOM




“Internet should be Free for All but if it is then it is a Free for All.” 

“Giving the Stink Eye” 

“Memory Leaks Makes Us Sad” 

“Hold On There Buckaroo” 





Application Programming Interface. A set of commands that allow different programs and users to use a common application


Network Attached Storage. Hard Drives connected directly to a network and available to users of the network for storage.


Programming at the most basic level of a computer system handling essential functions with the highest privileges and security.

Garbage Collection

An operating system process that collects unused memory and resources that are mistakenly marked as still in use and returns them to availability.


Virtual Private Network makes a private connection through the internet. More at BBT March 24, 2020


A severe system stopping crash caused by errors at the most basic level of the computer’s operation.


Network Attached Storage. Hard Drives connected directly to a network and available to users of the network for storage.

Memory Leaks

When a computer program or process does not return memory it uses to the system when it terminated.


Redundant Array (of) Inexpensive Disks Many physical hard drives logically linked into one large hard drive for speed and reliability.

Epoch Time Converter

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BBT from 2020

Answers That Don’t Matter

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about how not to email too quickly, Agent Google, RAID urgency, and ZOOM scheduling that doesn’t matter.


  1. Sherrie calls about scheduling email sending.
  2. Kathryn calls about a scammers that don’t answer their phone.
  3. Marianna has RAID warning. 
  4. Rachel wants to schedule a series of ZOOM meetings


“There is an answer; but it doesn’t matter” – Christy 

“Even Better NOT to call (the scammers).” – Christy

“That’s a right away thing not a four month thing” – Christy 




Evil Maid

Blaming support staff with office access for security breaches.

Cross-Site Scripting

Malware jumping from one site to another site in another browser tab.


Service that tells who owns what domain 


Tricking users with public information to get private information


Mirroring is the beginning of using multiple drives to protect data and increase retrieval speed.


Software that encrypts data and then demands payment to restore the data



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