Socially Distant and Technically Close

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about radio, data transfer, and FAXING!


  1. Kirk asks listening to Radio on his phone without Data! NextRadio (not NextCall) is no longer streaming radio stations but can pick up local stations.
  2. Jim is transferring data. Note: he could get an lightning to USB-C adapter for his favorite USB memory stick.  Oops, it is Smart Switch for Samsung not Transfer.
  3. Robert is faxing without a phone line. MagicJack is another option.



“Apple said: ‘No’” 

“Main Office in Bedrock” 

“Those are things that don’t work-how about things that do?” 





Facsimile – a scan image transfer by telephone. Linus explains


Playing Video or audio content that flows over the internet data connection without downloading the entire show first.

Open Source

Free software community supported that makes their human readable source code (programs that run as the application) available for review and improvement.

Cloud Storage

Computer storage available accessed by the internet. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon Web Storage are examples.


Voice over I P (Internet Protocol) – the Internet. Using the internet for phone services.

Epoch Time Converter

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