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BBT from 2020

Has High Quality Stereo Recordings 

Breakmaster Cylinder composed and performs our theme music.

Windows 10 Memories 

Christy and Joe welcome callers, Kirk and Kate

Call anytime! 775-241-3571 and set up a time to battle your tech!

  1. Kirk needs to get at some old photoshop files in a user-friendly photo
  2. Kate wonders about the Windows 11 compatibility message.

“Yes or Later, there is no ‘No'”

“Like home cooking” 

“Old in Microsoft Years”

“‘Keep Calm and 10 On’” 

“Tune In, Turn On, Reboot”






While browsing this key combination will allow you to selectively erase your browser history.


Interrupts a Windows computer and presents a list of options including shut down and Task Manager. Used to protect log-in prompts in some versions of Windows.


An advance power setting in Windows that keeps the computer on when the user shuts down the computer so the computer will start faster. 


Trusted Platform module enhances the security in boot up a computer and required for Windows 11 installation




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