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BBT from 2020

Has High Quality Recordings of Our Shows

Breakmaster Cylinder composed and performs our theme music.

Spicy Pillows 

Christy and Joe welcome callers, Jan, Pam, and Cher.

Call anytime! 775-241-3571 and set up a time to battle your tech!


  1. Jan has a bulging phone!
  2. Pam has a saved wifi password that needs to be updated on her Mac
  3. Cher about hybrid meetings in person and on Zoom.

“Light Up Our Princess Phone”

“Catch on Fire or Explore, That’s a Bad Thing.” 

“Bulging is Bad”

“No right click on the Mac” 

“Refugee from Windows”





Spicy Pillow

When a damaged battery bulges in the middle taking the shape of a pillow.


The next version of Windows? We will know June 24th.


Pressure Zone Microphone, a “pancake” style microphone to pick up a group speaking.

Hybrid Zoom

A hybrid Zoom event is a event takes place online and in-person at the same time.


Windows 11 Teaser
Windows 11?

Epoch Time Converter

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