Throwing Packets In the Air

Christy and callers talk about improving presence on online meetings, flying phones, screensavers, MSNews barnacles on the toolbar and the computer that refused to stand down! Call us! 775-241-3571


  1. Robert/Bob calls about being many screens at once with Microsoft Teams.
  2. Jan and cell phones on a plane
  3. Ron startup is too fast due to no shutdown on Windows.

There is an option on the toolbar menu to Reduce Taskbar Updates to save bandwidth when using News and Interests.


 Screen Saver

ReallySlick ScreenSaver
Flock Option






How much data you can upload or download at one time.


When your voice gets twangy because you don’t have enough Bandwidth. Thanks Anthony.


When your voice gets twangy because you don’t have enough Bandwith.


“Wifi is a bunch of packets that get thrown out” 

“Kinda of cheating but I guess it works” 

“Job security – the more confusing the more job security.” 

Epoch Time Converter

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