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BBT from 2020

Moving Through Time

Christy, Joe, and callers talk about program transfer, WordPress site transfer, and finally setting a date.


  1. Michelle is moving Quickbooks. (See PCmover for a way to move programs with a commercial program)
  2. David is bringing back a WordPress site
  3. Bette is out of date every day.

Joe has a good story more mythology than history about Rear Admiral Grace Hopper and the bug. Here’s another account in Computerworld


“We only got a half-hour show.” 

“The Big Battery Helps the Little Battery” 

“Another Option is to Ignore It” 





Smallest unit of light on a monitor. A single pixel of light is a group of 3 light emitters: red, green, and blue that are used to produce a single dot of color.

Image Backup

A complete copy of the hard drive contents not just the data. Also call “cloning” a drive.”


An old style 


Dynamic Link Libraries parts of programs contained in separate files that can be used by other programs.


A scripting language used for website creation that now stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

Epoch Time Converter

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